EZ-Fit Tri-Creaser MBO 40mm
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İlan Kodu: 398
İlan Sahibi: PressMak Mak. Tic. A.Ş.
İlan Tarihi: 25.08.2017
Stok Durumu: Stokta Var

Why choose the EZ-Fit Tri-Creaser� for your creasing? Completely eliminates fiber cracking 100% on stock ranges from 90# text and up Produces a crease that is as good as, or better than a letterpress Produces multiple crease settings for any imaginable print/stock combination, and works like magic on difficult toner based digital output Works just as well when it creases and folds against the grain as it does with it Works as fast as your folding or scoring machine can run with no limitations on speed Pays for itself typically within 1-3 jobs Saves expensive outsourcing costs Saves HOURS and HOURS of time Gets the work to your customer faster

İlan Detayları
Uyumluluk : Creaser MBO 40mm
Garanti : Evet
Sipariş Kodu : EF-MF/40-FIX
Mil Çapı (mm) : 40mm
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