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Ultra hızlı lazer su soğutucu CWUP-20
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İlan Kodu: 977
İlan Sahibi: Mi Mi
İlan Tarihi: 14.07.2021
Stok Durumu: Stokta Yok

Website: https://tr.teyuchiller.com/

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The ultra-fast laser water chiller CWUP-20 is characterized by temperature stability of ± 0.1 ℃, and can be used with femtosecond laser, nanosecond laser, picosecond laser, etc. It can be applied to cool different kinds of ultra-fast lasers, including This laser water chiller is designed with an intelligent temperature controller that enables automatic water temperature adjustment.


The recirculating laser coolant CWUP-20 is user-friendly as it not only has a level control on the back to facilitate water filling, but also has powder gauze that can be easily removed. It is produced by S&A Teyu Chiller, a China-based industrial chiller supplier with 19 years of experience.


The warranty of the cooler is 2 years.

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